Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emerging From Cover, by Bailey Montagne

Scarred Vietnam vet Hanson minds his own business and avoids civilization. Until a wounded man who’s being hunted down stumbles into his forest refuge. Hanson is his only hope. And Hanson never leaves a man behind.

An action-packed story set in America after the Vietnam war, starring a scarred vet finding his way out of a self-imposed exile.

started writing: 2011
finished writing: 2011
submitted: November 2, 2011
sent to: Musa Publications
Length: 14,000 words
Genre: action with mystery elements
Verdict: The publisher requested the full story on November 3rd. I sent it, and am now awaiting their reply. :)

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Knight and Wizard

A tale of friendship, magic, and danger....

Knight and Wizard

started writing: 2011
finished writing: August 13, 2011
submitted: September 18, 2011
sent to: Muse It Up Publications
Length: 41,500 words
Genre: Fantasy

Jake hates magic. Why would he want a wizard moving into his castle? He certainly doesn't suspect this mysterious man will save his life, much less become his closest friend.

In this world, colors can show personality... and only wizards can show your color...

Magic can be inherited...

A wizard can see into the future... but can only have one vision in his whole lifetime.


Hullo, I'm Bailey Montagne, a writer. :-)

I wanted a penname for original fiction, so I created this identity.

I hope to post about writing, perhaps participate in some challenges, and keep track of my attempts to get published here. :)

I have sent out one fantasy story (40,000 words) to an ebook publisher since creating this penname. No word yet... :)


Knight and Wizard (40,000 words)

stage: finished, beta'd, edited, submitted


(untitled action story) (14,000 words)
stage: finished, editing

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